About UjjainBazaar

UjjainBazaar is a free Business directory exclusively for Ujjain where buyers & sellers meet together under a single roof and get benefits of these free business listings. It is a highly advanced online media to access information on Business, Tourist Attractions, History, Festivals & Events and everything else, exclusively for Ujjain. UjjainBazaar is the only comprehensively designed website that fulfils all the need of an Internet business directory in Ujjain. It not only provides business to the community of Ujjain, but people from across the world access this large repository of information day and night.

Here you can browse from our Most Popular Business Categories to find any business in Ujjain. You already know that asking friends or acquaintances use to be the best way to find restaurants, dentists, hairdressers, and anything local. Now, with UjjainBazaar you could go out of the traditional ways to uncover the local hidden business near your area.

Adding Your Business to our business directory is absolutely Free and can be done online in just a few minutes. UjjainBazaar enables its members to scale higher visibility and to have privileged exposure to customers. It is definitely steps ahead from having an online presence by owning a simple website without promotion, merely like an electronic toy without power.

Exposure in own community, superior ranking, and frequent visit of potential buyers is what turns our solutions remarkably different.

Our Mission

‘To build the most comprehensive online guide to Ujjain’
Our aim is to develop a unique online community centered on Ujjain. UjjainBazaar offers and easy to access and instant repository of business in Ujjain.

Who is it for?

Our target audience is anyone who has an interest in Ujjain City; you don’t have to live in Ujjain to know Ujjain.

Who are we?

UjjainBazaar is managed by a group of professionals including Web Designers, Software Developers in conjunction with freelancers and other independent business owners from Ujjain/Indore. This keeps staffing costs low and allows us more freedom to take the site in new directions and to serve you better.

How do I get my Business Listed on UjjainBazaar?

If you would like your business listed on UjjainBazaar, It’s Easy and FREE. Just fill up our Registration Form and get your business listed in no time. You may wish to Contact Us for additional advertising opportunities.

Our Ethics

Quality, Quality, Quality!
We believe that if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We are tremendously passionate about ensuring that our website and the content is of a very high standard. We understand that business people are busy, and so we only develop features that are tangibly useful and not just based around trendy words that you tend to see banded around on the net all the time.

Any Questions?

If you’ve got any questions about UjjainBazaar, Pick up your phone and call us at 8305557555 or simply fill-up our Enquiry Form and we’ll be happy to assist you.