Herbal Green Tea

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Herbal Green Tea

Full Description

Herbal Green Tea -Enriched with natural antioxidant & nutrients

Indication – Herbal Green Tea is purely a herbal formulation manufactured by Deep Ayurveda, It is having anti allergic, antioxidant & nutrients properties helping in loosing extra fat, prevents cancer, arthritis, & other heart problems, also anti -aging & maintains blood sugar level in the body. It detoxified the entire body naturally. Regular use of Herbal Green Tea is very beneficial for every people.

Key Ingredients – Each 100gm contains  best quality organic green tea leaves, cinnamon, cardamom & cloves. We are using only organic green tea leave & best quality herbs which are free from any chemical, pesticides and heavy metal. All raw material quality checked in lab before production.

Dosage – Mix half tsp of herbal green tea in boiling water. Add honey/sugar as per taste and after one minute your green tea is ready for use. For better result use it  regularly.

Note: Please don’t  boil herbal green tea directly into the water.

Packing : 100gm jar ( Also available in 200gm pack)

Herbal Green Tea can be used by anyone, It is 100% herbal & Safe. No side effects. To maintain healthy life and healthy body use Herbal Green Tea on  regular basis and give a natural strength to your body.



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