cell phone gps portable jammer device blocker


cell phone gps portable jammer device blocker

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In driving on the way to the keyboard or voice on cell phone jammer is dangerous, because it distract us, may lead to accidents. However, it seems that Scott Tibbits has an interesting solution – cell phone jammer.

In short, it plugs into your car, and when you turn on the engine, it detects that your car is moving, and then sends a signal to your operator, incoming calls, text, social media notifications, etc. that will be blocked. C ‘is a disturbance that will be triggered separately.

According to Tibbits, he want to his colleagues were killed by driving teens to overthrow and at the same time be send text development equipment at the same time. He was able to raise $3 million to create airplanes. As mentioned above, this is an interesting solution, although completely prevent the use of mobile phones may be a disadvantage.
In addition, convincing people use it, unless it is legally required to sell it. Parents may want to install on their teenage children cars, but on the other hand, we don’t know why choose not to respond to text or answering the telephone is so difficult. What do you think?

Portable Jammer Device

And now, more and more people use jammer to protect their privacy, GSM and GPS jammer signal blockers are used in many countries. Before using these things, it would be better if you knew how they worked to block the frequency and distance of the jammer.

In the United States, reasonable use of jammers is legal. But you must keep in mind, we use the interference principle is trying to protect their privacy, don’t violate the privacy of others, make legal citizens. The following points should be noted.

1.Don’t use jammers in public. We recommend that you use interference devices in your private area. If your key jammers Or at home, but only when you use shielding, interference distance must be within the scope of the radius of your home, or you may infringe the rights of others.

2. Remember, when you use the best jammer, when someone is under the condition that you can close it at any time, you need to make an emergency call when you have an emergency, you can disable it, or something unexpected might happen.

You have to find the frequency interference, the distance required, and choose the jammer that suits you, both to protect yourself and to respect the privacy of others.The powerful and efficient, high power jammer can disable all nearby WiFi signal and 3 g network, as well as other mobile phone (GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS) signal, and will not interrupt other electronic devices. Compact size with easy access activation buttons that allow users to quickly turn on or off power to instantly jam portable signals.This is very variable, and some people are disappointed; Because they expect too much.That’s what it looks like to me. Generally speaking and logic, more networks are the stronger the jammer, the more difficult it is to block the signal.

-outdoors, not even worth trying, except getting stuck on the phone you want to fight for.

- inside, everything depends on the structure of the building and the intensity of the signal it passes. I got good grades in the supermarket.

- in public transport: everything depends on time T signal strength; I got good grades on trains and buses, but at the station, not in the open country.

I wouldn’t intentionally treat a GSM jammer, but the overall operation is the same, and it is transmitted as the same frequency as the network we want to block, to prevent good reception (and transmission). So far, the most common.

The model is this one, and also includes the original equipment of a plug converter: the model is given to the following network: GSM/CDMA/DCS/PHS / 3G bulk instructions in this model: the battery charge is long enough to discharge fast enough. Basically, for the first model, I would calculate the overnight cost for an hour the next day.Likewise, if you don’t use it, it’s fairly quickly released. There is no way to know when the fees will be completed.On a new model, all these defects will be corrected, just wait until diode extinguishes know charging end is enough, and with the passage of time, the portable jammer does not seem to discharge automatically.The plug format on the jammer is the old nokia standard (smallest). So either buy the power of the nokia charger, or is a generic USB cable, there are a few like this one at the other end has a USB plug USB cable.




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